Our Submersible Pump Control Panel (Single & Two Phase) are specially designed to protect submersible and mono-block Pumps from over-loading and short circuit. The Submersible Motor Pump Starter and Automatic Panels manufactured by us also protect the pump against Dry run protection, high-low voltage protection etc. We can make as per customer requirement. We can also manufacture up to 30 HP Single Phase & Two Phase Motor.


Specifications :

Metal Box CRC Sheet with Powder coated
Contactor Schneider/ BCH / C&S (Reputed)
MCB/MCCB Schneider/ Teknic/ C&S / Indo Asian (Reputed)
Analog Ammeter 0A-30A (as per motor current rating)
Analog Voltmeter 0V-240V (Single Phase), 0Vā€“500V (Two Phase)
Starting Capacitor As per Customer requirement
Running Capacitor As per Customer requirement
Pick up Voltage 120-240 V(Single Phase), 190ā€“240 V (Two Phase)
Power And Control wiring Copper
Output Terminals
Indicating Lamp LED Type
Push Button On / OFF
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